Some things Google SEO should do.

Some things Google SEO should do.-

SEO means optimizing your content so that it appears more often in search results.Not exactly, but if you do it right, you can reap the benefits of increased traffic, which can lead to more transitions and boost sales.

Every enterprise wants more traffic and sales, right? The problem is that the factor of SEO ranking has changed a lot over the years.This means that search engine optimization technology that ran five years ago won’t be popular today.

That’s why we’ve recruited some expert help so you can make sure you’re using the best SEO strategy for the next year.

How Google SEO Does

1. Rewrite content

Web site content is strictly a repetitive work, why? Because of the SEO techniques, methods are generally what, so this also leads to the theme will not change too much, the only change is how to improve the content of these articles.But this is not plagiarism, as in today’s fashion design, many times it refers to the old retro elements.Innovation on the original basis.For example, pictures, videos, etc. can be worn inside the content. How to make the title more attractive.

2. Explore the potential of video

Shilpa Shah: One of the best SEO techniques is that quality outweighs quantity.If you have a large number of indexed pages, this does not always mean that your site will attract more search traffic.

Remove the low-level posts on your blog. They have a low vocabulary and shallow content.

Instead, focus on meaningful, truly attractive content so that each visitor wants to read the full article.

In addition, videos have a lot of untapped potential – very helpful for SEO, and very well meet the needs of users.Your users may be able to quickly browse a 1-minute video, but they may not have the patience to read a 100-word article.

Shilpa is the co-founder of the Hummingbird Network Solution, which includes the well-known WordPress Theme Store, WordPress Plugin Store, and the popular WordPress Slider Plugin

3. Build something useful

We are doing promotion, building links, and focusing on brand mention links.When a brand mentions us and doesn’t contact us, we touch them and usually get a link.So we have the opportunity to really grow our link profile and generate more traffic.

4. Optimize, zoom in, allocate

Create content based on business conditions (business objectives, audience needs, and content context) to achieve the 2018 SO goals.Focus your content on the Strategic Keyword Library.

Support your 2018 search goals with three content types:

Update existing content: Review existing content.Then update and re-promote it.

Develop new content: Based on your content gaps and keyword needs, create five core content types (basic, FAQ, periodic, group pleasure, and long-playing content) to meet your audience and business needs.

Convert new content: Extend content lifetime by converting content to other formats (images, video and audio) and related content fragments to live on ownership, social and third-party media.

5. Maximize user engagement

Focus on user participation.Whether you update an existing post or create a new one, you should create a page in this way to maximize your participation.

Easy to read.Content uses spaces, headings, short paragraphs, and related images to make pages easier to absorb and increase user time on the page.

Include highly relevant links and quotations on the page.Provide relevant internal links to answer your readers’questions.This typically greatly reduces the rate of jumps and allows users to further enter your site.

Use LSI keywords and answer other questions users may think about when they view the content.Providing only what users search for is not enough.The page needs to provide additional information that the user may be looking for.Providing additional information will help retain users and inform search engines that the content of the page not only answers search queries, but also provides additional value that other content fragments may not have.

There are many ways for users to absorb content.Includes images, infographics, videos, and text.This will draw the reader’s attention and make the reader more interested in the content.

Get users involved in the SEO process

6. Re-publish old blogs

For years, I’ve been writing articles for my blog.I covered everything from how to Write Killer webpages about us to successful strategies as a freelancer.These Posts helped me get a high ranking on Google for my favorite keywords.But I recently realized that I missed the chance for search engine optimization.

I’m so focused on creating new blog posts that I never go back and refresh my old ones.They still have a lot of useful information

For the sake of SEO, I often do the following things through old blog posts now:

·Update any information that is no longer accurate or relevant

·Add new photos and delete any old ones that look outdated

·Write and optimize titles and ALT text for all images

·Modify the old title to make more SEO friendly

·Add subtitles to imperfect posts, use keywords

·Review keywords and relevance of title tags and metadescriptions

·Weave extra keywords in articles that seem to be missing

·Check existing links to make sure they are still valid and add links to related new pages

·Extend posts by adding more details because Google now favors longer, ·more informative pages

·Proofreading Errors