Microsoft Bing officially incorporated Yahoo Search into the world’s second largest search.

Microsoft Bing officially incorporated Yahoo Search into the world’s second largest search.-
Microsoft Bing officially incorporated Yahoo Search into the world’s second largest search.

According to Microsoft’s official blog post, Microsoft has incorporated Yahoo’s back-end search engine into Bing search. According to the agreement signed last year, Yahoo will be responsible for the global sales of high-quality search advertising of the two companies, while Microsoft Bing will be responsible for Yahoo’s back-end search business.

“I’m pleased to announce that Bing drives Yahoo search in the U.S. and Canada.” said Satya NADELLA, Yahoo’s senior vice president of search products. The migration of AdCenter has started, and it is expected to complete the migration of AdCenter customers this autumn. According to NADELLA’s blog, Bing will push search in other Yahoo languages in the coming weeks or months.

Microsoft executives had previously said they hoped to complete the most important part of the agreement by the end of this year, including the transfer of Yahoo’s advertising and publishing business to Microsoft’s AdCenter platform. When users use Yahoo to search, the words “supported by Bing” will be displayed at the bottom of Yahoo search page.

“As we have always promised, we will pay special attention to holiday advertising in 2010, and our primary goal is to provide advertisers with a high-quality advertising experience.”

On the other hand, Yahoo executives reiterated that although Bing search has taken over Yahoo’s back-end search business, Yahoo’s core business will remain strong. In the past year, in order to retain and attract users, Yahoo has introduced some new functions for its core business.

Yahoo said last week that it had started turning its search service to Microsoft technology. Yahoo and Microsoft want to join forces to challenge Google’s dominance in Internet search. The two companies hope that more Internet search users will push up advertising prices. Yahoo can reduce the cost related to the Internet search background business, and Microsoft can also expand its influence in the search advertising market.

In theory, the agreement will help Yahoo invest more of its own resources outside its search business. At the same time, Microsoft has also increased its market share in the search engine field, and the new user data will make it necessary to better compete with Google. According to data analysis company Experian Hitwise, Bing’s market share in the United States in July was 9.86%, lower than Yahoo’s 14.43%, while Google’s market share was 71.43%

After merging Yahoo’s search market share, Bing will likely be close to 30% of the U.S. search market share. However, the battle for Google’s search market share could be painful for Microsoft. One analyst pointed out that Bing’s development will tend to be stable.



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