What are the types of search engine penalties?

What are the types of search engine penalties?-

There are many forms of search engine penalties, among which it is easier to judge the whole site division. Use the site: command to search for a domain name. If the site is not included at all, you can be sure of these situations:

◆ There is a problem with the robots.tt file.

◆ Server problem, making the website unable to be crawled by search engines;

◆ Serious cheating has been deleted;

◆ Illegal content (such as copyright infringement) is deleted after being complained.

Some websites are only penalized for pesoing more major keywords, while other minor keywords and long tail words are not ranked. This and situations are often caused by excessive optimization of external links or spam links, of which highly concentrated anchor text is one of the main reasons.

Some websites are down the overall ranking of all keywords. The drop mentioned here refers to a sharp drop, such as from the top ten to dozens of pages later. If it is only from page * to page two, it is generally not punished, but it is likely that algorithm changes or competitors’ optimization are ranked first.

Sometimes, Google does not punish the ranking, but only the website PR value. Many websites that have been punished by Google for link trading are just that the PR value of the toolbar has dropped a lot, but the website ranking and search traffic have not changed. This is especially the case for sites that sell links. Google’s purpose is just to make it impossible for them to sell links by PR value.

Another penalty is a drop in ranking by a fixed amount. SEO professionals must be familiar with some names. For example, minus 6 punishment, minus 30, minus 950, etc., refer to Google’s fixed ranking of a batch of websites. Baidu also has the famous 11-bit phenomenon in the past year or two. Here is only a brief introduction of Google’s 30 penalty.

The name of the minus 30 punishment division comes from a webmasterworld (webmasterworld.com) post in October 2006. The landlord found that one of his websites ranked No. * for a long time, but in recent days the ranking has dropped to 31, dropped a full 30 and stopped there steadily. Many followers also found similar problems. The original page ranked * has dropped by 30 places.

Some people think that this negative 30 penalty is related to excessive optimization of link shop text, and some people think it is related to Google’s manual review.

Adam, who is called Matt Cutts, said in a Google Help Forum answering this question

◆ Do you confirm that your website provides unique content?

◆ Do most users find your site more useful than other sites?

◆ Does your site comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines?

Someone continued to ask, and the three items Adam said didn’t seem to answer the question. Adam once again emphasized that these three articles have clearly explained the problem. Adam did not acknowledge or deny whether such punishment really existed, but directly listed possible reasons, which is generally considered in website production to imply that a negative 30 penalty exists. The three reasons he listed are clichés, but very logical.

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