What are the techniques for SEO optimization?

What are the techniques for SEO optimization?-
What Are The Techniques For SEO Optimization

Internet skills have also grown rapidly. Companies have also become a boom, and many companies have begun to seek the future on the Internet. So what should we do as a website optimizer. In fact, the most important thing for optimization is the two aspects of on-site optimization and off-site optimization. The following Wenfang Pavilion will share with you in detail.

1. Website architecture planning

Every website has an order, from beginning to end. If you want to meet the search engine optimization needs, you need to use H tag code. The effect of H tag code is to tell search engine spiders which are the most important and which are right and wrong. , Which is the website theme type, which is the website promotion program, and which is the website article.

2. Internal code layout

Search engine spiders rely on the website code to crawl, so the neatness and correctness of the code are often helpful to improve the implementation of the website. The code that is most suitable for search engine requirements is DIV + CSS code. Since the website is written, this code does not have much waste code and duplicate code. Therefore, it is recommended that novices try to learn about DIV + CSS related knowledge as much as possible, and have great assistance in website optimization in the future.

3. Intent to call each section

The Internet promotes search engine spiders to crawl a website frequently, and then the website must be updated frequently. So how to make search engine spiders crawl frequently? The method is to make every program and every page “lively”. The meaning is to make the update reach a state of site-wide update. Every time an article is updated, it can reach the effect of updating all pages. To complete this function, the latest article call parameters, random article call parameters, user talk parameters, Forum data call parameters, user dynamic data call, etc., by adding relevant website promotion parameters to the underlying template of the website, this site-wide update function can be completed.

4. Article page optimization

Article pages usually have to follow the rules of the word everywhere. The so-called word everywhere is the keywords in the website title, website keyword tags, keywords in the description tags, keywords in the article content, and website promotion in other article pages. Keyword anchor text connection, Wen Fangge thinks that it is usually only necessary to optimize the above four points, which is enough. If you want to continue to optimize in depth, you must work on the content of the article.

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