What are the characteristics of Bing, the second largest search engine in the world?

What are the characteristics of Bing, the second largest search engine in the world?-
What Are The Characteristics Of Bing The Second Largest Search Engine In The World

Features: Users of mobile phones and other mobile devices can log in to m.bing.com to enjoy mobile search services. The mobile version of the Bing search engine can optimize the layout of search results to facilitate users to read the search results. When a user clicks on any search result, such as opening a web page, Bing will automatically divide it into several areas, and the user only needs to click the number Area to view that part.

According to the Bing documentation, Microsoft will also provide a downloadable version of the mobile Bing client in the near future. “Bing is designed for PCs to provide users with better Web searches, but we also provide Bing services for mobile devices to facilitate Fast and accurate local information searches for mobile users. There are two versions of Bing for mobile: one is online access through a browser, and the other is a downloadable software application. “

The biggest feature of Bing search is that, unlike traditional search engines that only list a single search list, Microsoft also categorizes the returned results. For example, when a user searches for the name of a singer, the main part of the search results will display a traditional list, and the navigation bar on the left will display several categories such as pictures, songs, lyrics, albums, and videos.

Microsoft search bing landing ppc machine When the user enters a product name, the sidebar will display categories such as evaluation, manual, price and repair. If you enter a city name, categories such as maps, local business guides, travel directions, and transportation information are displayed. In addition, the sidebar displays a set of related search keywords.

And Bing wallpapers are the most beautiful!


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