Top 15 global search engine market share in 2020.

Top 15 global search engine market share in 2020.-

International SEO efforts sometimes need to get out of the Google bubble. In this article, we will share the market penetration of individual search engines in the top 15 GDP countries.

Our methodology:

List the 15 countries with the highest GDP in the world (as of 2018), and then use StatCounter to calculate the percentage of search engine market penetration in these countries. The percentage obtained is rounded to the nearest tenth.

According to the StatCounter web analytics service, its tracking code is installed at more than 2 million sites worldwide. “These sites cover a variety of activities and geographic locations. Every month, we record billions of page views for these sites. For each page view, we analyze the browser / operating system / screen resolution used, And determine if the page view is from a mobile device.

For our search engine statistics, we analyze every page view that the search engine references … without using manual weighting. We removed zombie activity and made minor adjustments to browser statistics for pre-rendering in Google Chrome. In addition to these adjustments, we publish data when it is recorded.


In the United States, Google continues to lead, with a 16% increase since 2010. Bing and Yahoo accounted for most of this proportion, together accounting for about 12% of the market share. Although compared to other countries on this list, Google has a higher penetration rate in the other 9 countries. In China, Google has a 1.5% market share, and Baidu search engine has the largest share with 70%. In fact, Google ranked fourth after Shenma, Haosou and Sogou. And Yahoo continues to show strong influence in Japan.

If Eastern Europe is a strong market for your brand, be sure to follow Yandex, the Russian search engine market leader, even though Google ’s search market share is 45%, ranking second. Nevertheless, with a market share of more than 90%, Google dominates the search engine sector in most of the world’s top GDP countries, including India, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Italy and Australia.

Google is a great place to start when you think globally. However, depending on your market situation, you may find that you need to completely shift your search engine optimization work to a different search engine, such as Bing, Baidu or Yandex, to capture the maximum amount of traffic. Use the following data as a guide when determining your next global SEO strategy.

United States

Google: 87.28%

Bing: 6.91%

Yahoo: 4.65%

DuckDuckGo: 0.59%

MSN: 0.21%

Other: 0.36%


Baidu: 70.26 %%

Shen ma: 19%

Good search: 4.26%

Sogou: 3.71%

Google: 1.47%

Other: 0.98%


Google: 70.31%

Yahoo: 24.03%

Bing: 4.78%

Baidu: 0.58%

DuckDuckGo: 0.1%

Naver: 0.06%


Google: 93.31%

Bing: 4.49%

Yahoo: 1.03%

DuckDuckGo: 0.51%

t-Online: 0.24%

Yandex: 0.14%

United Kingdom

Google: 89.67%

Bing: 7.24%

Yahoo: 2.27%

DuckDuckGo: 0.49%

Yandex: 0.09%

MSN: 0.06%


Google: 97.35%

Bing: 1.68%

Yahoo: 0.91%

DuckDuckGo: 0.04%

Baidu: 0.01%


Google: 91.15%

Bing: 5.07%

Yahoo: 1.92%

DuckDuckGo: 0.83%

Qwant: 0.56%

Yandex: 0.35%


Google: 96.37%

Bing: 2.02%

Yahoo: 1.51%

DuckDuckGo: 0.06%

Baidu: 0.02%

Yandex: 0.01%


Google: 94.81%

Bing: 3.52%

Yahoo: 1.17%

DuckDuckGo: 0.15%

Arianna: 0.14%

Yandex: 0.12%


Google: 90.85%

Bing: 5.64%

Yahoo: 2.49%

DuckDuckGo: 0.54%

Yandex: 0.22%

Baidu: 0.13%


Google: 84.41%

Bing: 4.84%

Baidu: 4.84%

SM: 2.42%

Yandex: 1.88%

Yahoo: 0.81%


Yandex: 51.08%

Google: 45.27% 2.12%

Bing: 0.57%

Yahoo: 0.48%

Baidu: 0.25%


Google: 93.16%

Bing: 5.12%

Yahoo: 0.6%

Baidu: 0.48%

DuckDuckGo: 0.35%

MSN: 0.11%


Google: 95.11%

Bing: 3.4%

Yahoo: 1.26%

DuckDuckGo: 0.15%

Yandex: 0.02%

Baidu: 0.02%


Google: 95.27%

Bing: 3.23%

Yahoo: 1.39%

DuckDuckGo: 0.05%

MSN: 0.02%

Ask Jeeves: 0.01%


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