The significance of SEO and its impact on corporate websites.

The significance of SEO and its impact on corporate websites.-
The Significance Of SEO And Its Impact On Corporate Websites

Many people have n’t heard of SEO before, or just heard about SEO, but do n’t know why SEO, or the importance of SEO.

However, the concept of SEO, I have heard about Internet marketing. Such popularity is by no means unfounded.

The advantages of SEO are as follows:

The search engine utilization rate is very high: The search engine is a very large traffic gathering place, and most of the netizens’ web browsing starts from search.

The quality of traffic obtained by search engines is high: because of the relevant keywords, very precise traffic can be found. For example, how much accurate traffic would a Beijing restaurant bring to the top of the search term “Beijing cuisine”?

High cost performance: only some content and website optimization are needed, but the traffic that it can bring is very high, both in quality and quantity.

Long-term effectiveness: Once it’s high, it’s hard to go on. As long as the optimization is performed in a timely manner, at least it will occupy the first place for a long time.

SEO of course relies on search sites. Now the world’s largest search site is Google, Baidu is probably the fourth and fifth, but in China, Baidu is undoubtedly the leading market share of 80%. So the SEO we are doing now is the SEO of Baidu by default.

How does Baidu search content appear?

First of all, Baidu’s robots will crawl and crawl websites on the Internet, and collect webpage content and HTML code into Baidu’s database.

In the second step of preprocessing, text, word segmentation, stop words, noise reduction, and deduplication are extracted from the web page, keywords are extracted and indexed, and the weight of the web page is calculated based on these contents.

Page weight determines the order in which pages are searched,

The third step is ranking. Baidu ranks the web pages in the database according to the calculated weights, and then filters them again, which is finally reflected in the order of the search results pages.

Google BR

Let me introduce BR first.

Google’s pr value is used to indicate the importance of the page. As mentioned earlier, weight values ​​determine the order in which pages are ranked in search results.

There is no doubt that the higher the result in the search results, the higher the chance of being clicked, but to what extent?

According to AOL’s data, excluding ads, the number one click reached more than 40 percent. After the second page, there is basically less than one percent, and the fourth page can be ignored. Of course, this is an average value, and specific keywords must be analyzed in detail.

The weight value is from 1-10. The higher the value, the greater the weight. In addition to analyzing the content and structure of the web page, the weight value will also increase the weight value.

So we do SEO optimization, which is to find a way to increase the weight value.

If you want to increase the weight value, you must optimize it from the inside and the outside.

Internal optimization: content optimization and structure optimization

External optimization: external chain optimization

Among them, the content optimization is generally responsible for the operation staff, and the structural optimization requires the cooperation of technical staff and operation staff.

In terms of external links, the most important thing is the need for friendship links. For comparison, the direction of BD is usually also responsible for operations.

Key words

That is the word filled in the search box!

But for us, keywords are divided into three types: core keywords, extended keywords, and distributed keywords. The most important of these are the core keywords!

The selection direction should be related to the content of the webpage, try to choose high search volume, and small competition. Avoid too broad and not too special and partial.

SEO can get more opportunities for businesses, more potential customers closed

Keyword natural ranking, long-term stability, no matter when and where the customer is, as long as the customer searches for keywords, you can see the corporate website; stabilize the source of traffic, effectively avoid malicious clicks, can help companies effectively save advertising costs, control Cost, improve efficiency; help companies increase their trust. In this Internet market, customers are more willing to believe in natural rankings. This is based on their own strengths, and optimize keywords to the homepage; precise keywords and precise traffic, more targeted customers. Accurate and high conversion rate.

Wide coverage, no matter where the customer is, as long as he has a demand and searches through various search engines, there can be corporate website information.

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