The search engine market is fiercely competitive, why is Microsoft Bing still alive?

The search engine market is fiercely competitive, why is Microsoft Bing still alive?-
The Search Engine Market Is Fiercely Competitive Why Is Microsoft Bing Still Alive

Once Microsoft tried everything to save the search engine Bing, but the decline of Bing is still inevitable, and market share has been left behind by Google. But an unexpected fact is that even now Bing is still profitable, it is still far from the real failure! So why has n’t Bing “dead”?

You may never have heard someone say, “Good question, you should Bing try it.”

Well, maybe you’ve heard it, but the point is that no one is using Bing at all right now. Microsoft tried it again and again, they redesigned the site, spent millions of dollars on advertising, and even paid people to use it. However, today, ten years later, Bing is still Bing-it’s all here, why not give up this project?

In fact, Bing is not really a failure, it is far from failure. Here is a story about data, control, and the future of the Internet.

Bing is still making money!

In 2012, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Bing would be a strong competition. “Our popularity survey shows that Bing is ready to join the race.” So what is Bing’s competitor? Of course, Google. But, to be fair, we all understand that Ballmer is also not a prophet. When Windows Phone was released, Ballmer was confident that the phone would sell well, and he even held a funeral for the iPhone. However, I see the following search engine market share table:

I opened my eyes, reloaded the page, cleared the cache, restarted the computer, then dropped the computer and bought a new one, but it didn’t help. In a sense, this is the truth: only 1.48% of US Internet searches use Bing. Like Google, they sell ads to the highest bidder. Assuming more than one billion users are using it every month, you can earn $ 5 billion (9 zeros) every year. If it were replaced with a hundred dollar bill, it would pile up higher than Burj Khalifa, and then multiply by five. Objectively speaking, YouTube achieved such good results in 2016 with few competitors. But the difference is that Bing is actually profitable.

Why is Bing still alive?

Over the years, companies such as Twitter and Snapchat have been losing money, hoping that they will improve in the future. However, Bing actually makes money, so I should pay tribute to Ballmer. But wait, how is this possible? What’s the situation?

Although Microsoft has gone through many ups and downs, one thing has not changed-82% of the world’s computers run Windows. In addition to helping Microsoft make a lot of money, Windows also provides them with a very powerful tool, the 30ok login, which is a fool if they don’t use it. Just like the changes in the iPhone will affect the entire industry, even small adjustments to Windows will have a huge impact on hundreds of millions of devices, especially people do not like to change settings. Although Microsoft allows you to change browsers and search engines, they don’t care. People do n’t know how to change, or do n’t care much about it, so using the default settings is extremely popular. Maybe people don’t like Internet Explorer very much, but because the browser comes with Windows, some people still insist on using it. The same is true of Microsoft’s new browser Edge-although Microsoft will rack its brains to win the favor of users.

Microsoft and Apple may not be friends, but the enemy’s enemy is a friend. All of Google ’s revenue comes from search ads, most of which are mobile ads. Even if only 12% of it comes from iOS devices, that accounts for 75% of mobile ad revenue on iOS. Of course, they want to make money with Android, but at the same time, iOS users may be more valuable to Google. They can benefit from Apple, and they are willing to rely on Apple. But this relationship is not mutual, and Apple has always wanted to keep its distance. To get rid of GoogleMaps, Apple established AppleMaps. At this time, Microsoft rushed in. In 2013, Siri bid farewell to Google and put in Bing’s arms. But money can heal all scars … Now Google sends a $ 3 billion check to Apple every year, so Apple accepts Google as the default search engine, which is perhaps the most expensive reversal in the world.

Industry controls for tech companies

Bing’s success has nothing to do with Bing itself, but to control. If people are free to choose, no one will choose Bing. The difference between a $ 5 billion business and a completely bankrupt business is that the former can determine what users think. The decisions of technology companies often seem strange and reckless. For example, I do n’t understand why I invest so much money in Windows and FirePhone? Until I understand the deeper reason: improve the level of control. The decisions of all companies, as well as the strategies of the entire industry, are climbing this pyramid. The lower the level a company relies on, the greater the risk of failure. The lowest level of this pyramid is various plug-ins, extensions, extension packs and patches. Only when big companies are not interested in them can they survive. Once the interests of big companies are touched, the winners are always big companies.

For example, the Hackintosh community is trying to run macOS on an assembled computer. Although they are very smart, if Apple wakes up one day, what will Apple think? Their destruction may be just a snap.

Slightly higher on the pyramid are the websites, and although these websites can send you any code you need, the browser cannot display the code. As with browsers, all applications depend on the operating system, so you must beware of being voted down by these companies. Astro has launched an application that can turn the iPad into an additional computer display. They wanted to add a button without blocking the screen, so they thought of a good way: use the camera. You press the camera and it detects that the light is dimming, activating the button in this way. This was a really good idea, but Apple objected, and eventually the app was removed from the store. Of course, if they really like your application, they will integrate it into the operating system and kill your business. Macs previously had a feature called Sherlock, and someone made a companion tool called Watson, a $ 30 app with some additional features. This application is very good, so this feature appears in the next version of macOS. Physical devices are a must-have for tech giants. If you own the hardware, then you will own the world.

No internet company can control the power

Jeff Bezos (President of Amazon) is the richest person in the world, not because he is good at making money, but certainly not because he is good at labeling charts, but because he knows that Amazon can stand out in front of you no matter how much it costs. In order to get more support, he is happy to lose money on FirePhone. Kindle, FireTablets, Echo, these products have almost no profit, but they are very important. This is exactly the same as the Windows mobile phone’s unwillingness to quit. So it’s not hard to imagine that companies like Facebook hate being controlled by phone companies.

When it comes to Facebook, another reason control is important is data. The more data, the more ads you can launch the better, and advertising means profit. Companies can buy them through places like These sites often sell your private information for a few dollars. In addition, companies can also reach for their own. The higher you climb on this pyramid, the more data you collect. This motivation is terrible and could change the Internet permanently …

In 2013, Facebook was suddenly exceptionally generous, and their slogan was to make everyone accessible to the Internet. But it’s Facebook, and a strange thing happened when surveying users: most people said they used Facebook instead of the Internet. However, 65% of Nigerians and 61% of Indonesians agree that “Facebook is the Internet”. This is no accident … Don’t misunderstand: Facebook donates generously not the Internet but Facebook’s Internet. They only allow users to access their website and a few other websites that meet their requirements. In other words, Facebook is playing tricks to attract more users.

Google also uses its so-called AMP for charity. The technology is simply: what you see on your website is actually just a small part of the actual content. The rest is all garbage. What this spam does is track users to push ads, or make websites more beautiful, etc. So Google says: “All junk actually slows down, so we can help you host your site, remove junk and speed up loading.” Sounds sounding, but in fact, only if you actively take the junk that AMP will remove This method works only when added to your own website. The real purpose of Google is not the speed of the website, but the control. Websites do n’t need Google to remove spam, and if they want to speed up page loading, they can do it themselves. Google wants to control what users see. Of course, AMP is “optional”, but if you reject it, your site will appear in the bottom of the search results. Google and Facebook already have incredible control over the Internet, but they want to put that control to the end. Their dream is not to dominate the Internet but to become the Internet. This is undoubtedly a nightmare for everyone.

The beauty of the Internet is that no company can control it. Without Google or Facebook’s permission, anyone can make any product or learn any knowledge.

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