Research on Consumer Psychology of Bing Users-5 Strong Reasons.

Research on Consumer Psychology of Bing Users-5 Strong Reasons.-
Research On Consumer Psychology Of Bing Users 5 Strong Reasons

In the cross-border e-commerce industry chain, whether it’s a third-party platform, or it’s going to move from the platform to an independent station, or even a seller who is already an independent station veteran, promotion plays an important role for them.

Reach 141 million independent search users, with higher expansion of paid traffic

As one of the four largest search engines in the world, what help can bing bring to users in the whole media promotion process, what is the difference between free traffic and paid traffic, and why independent stations need more paid traffic?

According to haria, project manager of Microsoft Bing, the following four dimensions are critical:

First, traffic is a way to get visitors to the site. Similarly, for advertisers, they can better reach the accurate users through traffic media.

Second, there are two types of traffic: free traffic and paid traffic.

Third, traffic is not completely free in a strict sense. All free traffic needs to be replaced with cost.

Fourth, it is recommended to use paid traffic, because they are more scalable, so that the display effect of advertising is better and more accurate to reach customers.

According to Chris, the paid traffic mainly includes four parts: first, PPC paid click ads; second, SMA social media ads, such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterst; third, banner ads; fourth, sponsored content ads.

We have learned that by now, Bing can reach more than 600 million independent search users in the world, including finance, e-commerce, auto parts, etc., and can generate 8.8 billion monthly search volume in the United States alone. “On the one hand, with Bing’s powerful account management tools, advertising insight reports and intelligent user orientation technology, advertisers can reach their target audience at the most appropriate time; on the other hand, Bing is leading major changes in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the search industry.” Said Zhu.

PC is still the first choice of online shopping in the United States, and the development momentum of mobile terminal has also improved significantly

“In the United States, 80% of retail e-commerce sales come from the PC end, which has a 77% higher conversion rate than other channels.” Chris said frankly, although we believe that mobile e-commerce is the future development trend and in high-speed growth, we can not ignore that the PC end is still the main choice of American consumers at present.

In fact, in addition to the PC end, Bing also has a significant improvement in the use of the mobile end. It is reported that 25% of Bing’s search traffic comes from the mobile terminal, with 115% annual growth in mobile search hits and 58% annual increase in mobile search.

Chris said Bing also has high-quality partners in a cross terminal strategy. “For example, Cortana, windows, Skype, MSS, outlook’s” brother team “and” brother Department “bring enough support. The biggest source of traffic is the increase of installed traffic of windows 10. At the same time, external partners include Yahoo, AOL, etc.” He said.

Bing users involve five groups, 30-35 years old is the main force of purchase

Talking about the diversity of Bing’s users, Zhu pointed out that 45% of the users are under the age of 45, and most of them are people with strong purchasing power aged 30-35. “More than one-third of users are people with an annual household income of more than $100000, which guarantees purchasing power, customer price and secondary purchase,” he said; In addition, nearly 1 / 2 of the users have bachelor’s degree, half of which are female and half of which are male. Among them, 50% of the users of Bing are married, and these married users will have more needs for infant and child products, home decoration and new purchase. “

Chris pointed out that business people, travel experts, wealthy homeowners, middle-class mothers and young homeowners account for a large proportion of Bing users, so what are their consumption habits and preferences?

No: 1 business person.

Compared with other media, nearly 100% of Bing’s users are more likely to have the business purchase decision-making ability with an annual budget of $500000-1 million. At the same time, 44% of Bing’s customers may have luxury cars or luxury cars, 23% have had stock transactions in the past six months, and 32% of Bing’s users have the opportunity to make more than 20 domestic business trips. “Bing can effectively reach business people in the financial industry, OTA tourism industry, auto parts industry, even luxury maintenance and high-end leather goods sellers,” Zhu said

No: 2 travel expert

Compared with other media search users, nearly 50% of Bing search users may spend more than 10000 US dollars on online consumption, which mainly comes from private domestic travel, private international travel and other aspects. “The reach rate of this part of travel talent consumer groups in digital products, clothing accessories, travel bags, mobile phone accessories or tablet accessories can reach 49%, and the demand is relatively strong. At the same time, the annual spending budget of more than $10000 can also ensure sufficient purchasing power support.” So he said.

No: 3 rich Homeowner

Compared with other groups, more than 55% of Bing search users are more likely to have assets of more than US $1 million, and in this group, 33% of them may spend more than US $10000 for online consumption; 21% of them are more likely to have major residences worth more than US $1 million, so for cross-border e-commerce sellers engaged in home gardening, the rich house owners are the main force of purchase.

No: 4 middle class mothers

In the past six months, 65% of users are more likely to buy books or educational products online. They pay more attention to children’s care, such as body care, face care, children’s clothing, etc. in addition, they also include online education, corresponding demand for computer equipment procurement, etc., which shows that middle-class mothers are more active in purchasing children’s products.

No: 5 young Homeowner

In the past six months, 57% of Bing search users are more likely to pay attention to online loans or financial support, the vast majority of which are more likely to obtain housing renovation loans online, and young homeowners are the most important consumers.

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