MSN Search Engine Optimization Tips.

MSN Search Engine Optimization Tips.-

Since the software giant Microsoft announced the launch of the MSN search engine, the industry has inevitably caused a heated discussion. People want to know how to improve their site’s ranking on this new search engine that can’t be ignored. Questions such as “How can I optimize my site for good rankings?” And “Is the MSN search engine more focused on importing links or page content?”

Since such a response has been foreseen, the MSN search engine has launched a help page like other search engine counterparts, helping website owners to better solve similar problems. It is very interesting that MSN’s introduction of this help page has provoked a controversy. The focus of the debate is whether the MSN search engine encourages W3C verification.

MSN clearly stated on the help page that “Web pages must use only regular HTML code. Make sure all tags are complete and all links work properly. If there is a dead link on the site, MSNBot may not be able to index the site properly and effectively, so users will not be able to browse Complete site content. “The above information tells us that it ’s necessary for the site to use valid HTML, so using valid HTML code is not only harmless, it can actually help improve rankings in MSN search engine results. This principle applies to almost all search engines.

However, people are still wondering what factors the MSN search engine uses to determine the relevance of search results? Some believe that MSN focuses on page content. This guess seems to occupy more credibility. The MSN Search Blog has revealed that another factor determining relevance is “link text leading to other pages.”

YMSY search program director Eytan Seidman’s statement on another MSN search blog complicates the answer to this question. In this blog, Eytan also mentioned the link structure factor, “URLs that contain many (exactly more than five) query parameters (variables) may be retrieved by the SE. There is also a small possibility. Also consider whether the web page is Factors that can be found by us. If we have to tour 8 pages in your site to find the leaf page, then no one can find it unless you are yourself. MSNBot may choose to give up indexing the page. This is why we It is also recommended that users create sitemaps. “

But some optimizers have come to different practical conclusions through experiments. SEOChat forum moderator Dazzlindonna has applied the above reasonable methods to MSN search engine optimization, but he believes that “not only is the problem of meta-identity, many sites that do not use meta-identity also get better rankings; not only the content of the page The problem; it’s not just the problem of links. Like all large search engines, it should be a collection of multiple factors and different values. “

OnnaDonna’s integration theory may be a reasonable optimization method for MSN and any other search engine. MSN supports her comprehensive approach, saying that “MSN search ranking algorithm analyzes factors such as page content, number and quality of imported sites, and analyzes the relevance of site content and search keywords.” In fact, it is not just MSN This unique ranking method, like other major large search engines, gives different weights to various factors.

Even if we have reached the above conclusions, it is still difficult to determine which factors the MSN search engine ultimately adopts. Some people think that MSN is more focused on the content of the page, similar to the approach of Yahoo. This view is completely different from Google’s method of evaluating inbound links and site relevance.

SEOChat forum user Randfish agrees with this view, “My recent survey of MSN shows that the search engine is more similar to Yahoo, which places a little more value on the content of the page than Google. But this may be because Google’s database is much larger than MSN, so The latter rely less on the role of links. “

If the MSN search engine does focus on the content of the page, then it is important to ensure that the content of the webpage has sufficient keywords. Based on past experience, the content of a web page containing a large number of keywords will not affect the ranking of any search site unless it is done too much. Web pages created because they are completely full of keywords or apparently promoted for a certain keyword will be considered as Spam spam pages by search engines and will be punished accordingly.

MSN also summarizes many optimization techniques that will be considered unethical SEO. To prevent your site from being rejected, it’s best to first understand these rules:

–In order to increase the keyword density of the page, the download page contains irrelevant words. This includes abuse of the ALT label;

–Use hidden text or links. Website owners should only use text and links that are visible to users;

–Use techniques that artificially increase the number of incoming links, such as link factories.

Again, these rules also apply to other search engines in the industry. If you strictly follow the rules and guidelines listed in this article and do not violate any of the above rules, your site will be guaranteed to stay in the MSN search database successfully. (By Chris Richardson, senior search engine writer. Compiled by Lela)


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