Google will strengthen mobile search share.

Google recently announced the importance of mobile search engine optimization. At some point in 2018, Google will move to mobile-first indexing. What does this mean? For the first time, Google will determine the ranking based on the quality of the mobile version of the website, not the desktop version. A new Googlebot will crawl your mobile website and determine if its performance, content and user experience have reached the standards. If so, you will get better rankings. Starting in July 2018, Google will announce that page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile search.

Google will strengthen mobile search share.-

What is mobile SEO?

Mobile search engine optimization is the process of designing a website to make it suitable for viewing on mobile devices with different screen sizes with low bandwidth. In addition to following all search engine optimization rules that apply to desktop websites, we also need to be careful when designing websites for mobile devices. A website is mobile-friendly if it has the following attributes:-A good mobile website with a responsive design can perform well on desktops and mobile devices. Not only does it reduce site maintenance, it also aligns search engine content.

The content of a good mobile website is easy to read on a mobile device without having to zoom the screen. It has proper fonts, colors, and layout.

It’s easy to browse a good mobile website on a small screen. It provides links and buttons that can be easily manipulated with your fingers.

A good mobile website is lightweight, so it requires less bandwidth and time to load the mobile web.

The homepage of a mobile website plays the most important role in connecting users with what they are looking for. Therefore, a good mobile website ensures that the most important links are displayed on the homepage for sufficient visibility. In the future, the trend of SEO optimization is to move closer to the mobile end, and you can pay more attention to some official Google news.


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