Microsoft’s Bing Transformation: Can Multiple Search Portals Beat Google?

Microsoft’s Bing Transformation: Can Multiple Search Portals Beat Google?-
Microsofts Bing Transformation Can Multiple Search Portals Beat Google

According to media reports, it is an indisputable fact that Microsoft’s Bing search engine market share is less than Google’s (Weibo), and some analysts blame it on the premise that Microsoft’s mobile search field has risen, and still focus on business development in the desktop search field. Caused by. Microsoft executives don’t agree with this view, because Microsoft has never favored the desktop and mobile search. The ultimate goal of Microsoft is to create an excellent search engine that can be compatible with various devices, including traditional PCs, mobile phones, Xboxes and tablets, and defeat Google.

Microsoft seems to have missed another major industry trend.

According to the latest data from comScore, a US Internet traffic monitoring agency, desktop search volume has fallen for the fourth consecutive month. Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter believes that “by the end of this year, mobile search will account for 25-30% of the total web search.”

However, in the field of mobile search, Microsoft’s Bing search engine is completely different from Google, which currently accounts for almost 90% of mobile search. In the field of desktop search, Google also has 66.7% market share, and Bing’s market share is only 16.3%.

In fact, not long ago, we were still exploring the original intention of Microsoft to develop the search business. Because when Microsoft launched the Bing search engine in 2009, Apple’s iPhone has been on the market for two years, and everyone knows that mobile search will become the future search mainstream. If Microsoft had focused its search business on the mobile area at the time, maybe now Microsoft can also establish its own territory in this area and effectively prevent Google from extending its dominance of desktop search to the mobile area.

Alas, Microsoft has always reminded us “in good faith” that this idea is stupid. Mike Nickols, Microsoft ’s corporate vice president and Bing ’s chief marketing officer, said, “For the desktop and mobile search space, Microsoft has never been equal. Because the company has always focused on building a compatible PC, mobile phone, Excellent products for devices including Xbox and tablets. “

Some analysts believe that Microsoft’s investment in desktop search is mainly due to consideration of algorithm rules and financial data. But this does not mean that Microsoft is not actively exploring new search solutions in the mobile market. “We need to get enough data to improve the search algorithm, and also enough ad market to build this business. Therefore, no matter from which perspective, the desktop search market is more advantageous.” Nichols said.

Bing strategy

Even so, this does not mean that Microsoft is only focusing on its investment in desktop search. “We have been investing in a cross-device search service. If you look at Windows Phone 8, Windows or Xbox, you will get a completely different search experience. In addition, we also landed on iPad, iPhone And Android platforms, “Nichols added.

I need to point out that with these new devices and platforms, Microsoft is exploring other additional features that search engines can have.

In this regard, Nichols said: “Take the emerging areas of Xbox and TV, we can use Bing to play music, and check out who is the actress in the film in Bing? We are innovative for different platforms Developed a completely different user interface, such as on mobile phones, we can use voice search, or take photos. If the user sees the French menu in the restaurant, as long as the menu is taken by Bing, it can be translated by the mobile phone. These problems belong The search domain category is not something I fabricated out of thin air, but a service that really exists today. “

However, although Microsoft hopes to develop a unique and distinctive product, Microsoft has so far lagged behind Google’s performance in the search field. Part of the reason is that Google has the Android operating system with a huge market share, and Google is the default search engine for the iPhone. In this regard, Nichols believes that “as the market share of Windows 8 and Windows Phone increases, Bing’s market share will also increase.”

However, if Microsoft wants to beat Google, it may need additional help. Nichols cannot deny this view.

“It may be too early to think about how search engines on mobile phones or TVs might be different. I’m not sure if any company has found a suitable solution.” Nichols concluded.

It is undeniable that if Microsoft’s Bing business has any chance to catch up with or even surpass Google, Nichols and his team must find a way to overcome this problem.

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