Microsoft partners with Bing to accelerate the demise of download sites.

Microsoft partners with Bing to accelerate the demise of download sites.-
Not All Movie Download Sites In The Results

Pirated download stations have always been a problem for users. They want to download the software from websites, but they download some strange things. Recently, at the request of the British government, Google and Microsoft Bing, the world’s main search engines, have reached a voluntary code of conduct, which will reduce the ranking of websites that download movies and music illegally in their respective engines.

The move by Google and Microsoft will be implemented together with existing anti piracy laws and measures. It is reported that Ofcom, the UK’s electronic media regulator, intends to further develop technologies to protect users from access to illegal content. At the same time, many UK anti piracy measures have been issued, such as the court down to block part of the network, reduce advertising in illegal websites, promote the education of legitimate websites, and encourage netizens to support the original content.

After reaching the agreement, Microsoft and Google said they would try their best to guide Internet users to the real official website in the future, rather than those pirated websites. Pirated websites not only infringe the copyright of original works, but also make users face greater risks when they log in. The survey in Europe also shows that at present, many pirated websites are too easy for users to find through engine search, which is very unsafe.

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