Microsoft is repositioning Bing as the company’s search engine.

Microsoft is repositioning Bing as the company’s search engine.-
Microsoft Is Repositioning Bing As The Companys Search Engine

Now who uses Bing?

Bing has a 25% share of the U.S. search engine market, Microsoft said. However, according to StatCounter global stats, Bing’s market share is estimated to be 3% globally, while Google’s share is as high as 93%.

However, while Google dominates the search engine market, Bing drives search capabilities for apps like outlook and Microsoft 365. Microsoft may be wisely turning Bing from a general-purpose engine to an engine focused on meeting business needs. Companies can now create private internal search results on Bing, allowing their employees to save time searching for information.

The search types Bing would like to provide more help include: office locations and floor plans with directions, the meaning of company abbreviations, and details of internal policies (such as how long is maternity leave)? ) Microsoft has also introduced an improved edge web browser to turn off tracking cookies on any web site, as well as a feature to censor phishing.

Microsoft is in a good position in this regard. It accumulates large amounts of data by connecting services and applications that contain information from Fortune 500 companies, such as usage trends, meeting times, and team information.

Bing has also become more intelligent. Microsoft said that users can now type a fuzzy search term, just like they are having a normal conversation, because they can better understand the user’s search intention, Bing will call up the most accurate information. Its new features can also provide recommendations for employees with specific skills, expertise and experience, and even point out specific jobs people are doing.

Nowadays, it is difficult for workers to cope with the overflowing information and various network functions. Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft’s “modern life, search and devices” company, recalled that a few years ago, Bill Gates, the company’s founder, asked him why he could find countless documents on the Internet in an instant, but he couldn’t find one document on Microsoft’s internal network.

Microsoft quoted a McKinsey report as saying that managers and other white-collar professionals spend nearly 20% of their time each week “looking for internal information or tracking colleagues who can help with specific tasks.”. Mehdi said Microsoft’s new search tool would help office staff cut that time significantly.

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