In the SEO industry, what do you think is the most important?

In the SEO industry, what do you think is the most important?-

If I say that the most important thing has nothing to do with SEO technology or experience, of course, it is not that technical experience is not important, but in my opinion, the most important factors that determine the success or failure of your Google SEO project are not SEO. What are they?

I subdivide Google SEO into the following sub-fields by field, because the determinants of each sub-field are different, and then I will talk about my insights.

Note: In my 9 years of SEO career, I have passed / experienced the professional roles of In-house SE0, Afiliate SEO Agency SEO, and I have played with overseas marketing companies in Shenzhen. The other two are in California, USA. Currently I am Follow 4ffiliate SEO, manage a small team of 10 people from around the world through the Internet.

In-house SEO is also the internal SEO of your company. Your goal is to optimize the company’s website to obtain Google natural traffic and convert it into product sales. I think the most important factors of SEO are as follows:

  1. Product quality. Is it an innovative product like DJI, or a fake? If it is a fake, no matter how good your SEO is, how much traffic you can’t convert, it’s all useless.
  2. Marketing strategy. You know, SEO is just a channel for online marketing, and online marketing is part of the company’s overall marketing strategy. If the ROI of other channels is higher than SEO, your priority should not spend resources on SEO, but Do more what works!
  3. Content and keyword layout. I won’t go into details here, but I can write a separate post.
  4. Technology-side optimization. Also save a thousand words, experienced SEO knows that newcomers learn slowly.

There is no mention of external links here, not that links are not important, but I think that as long as your company’s product quality is excellent and corporate branding is proper, getting high-quality external links for free is not a challenge at all, thanks to your products Marketing and content are just icing on the cake.

Affiliate SEO is what we often call the Authority website, niche site, which I also call: English content site. When introduced by foreign participants, it is more customary to call it AfiliateSEO, because such websites generally do not have products, and they rely on content articles to get traffic, and then use cash offers to cash in.

  1. The personal charm, ability, and characteristics of the webmaster. Are you confident? How about emotional intelligence? Is your learning ability strong? Are there any obstacles in English communication? Also, can you insist on not giving up easily? This all determines the upper limit of your website, whether you can recruit a group of teammates who are willing to follow you, and Continuing to create high-quality content, I think this is the “free gold” of your Google algorithm update.
  2. Process, process, process. The content site must grow, and you must recruit! Why and its benefits are not explained in detail here, recruiting people, how to manage them, each teammate (note: treat others as teammates, not writers or VA) in When and what to do, you must be clear, or else you are exhausted, others have nothing to do, or management is a mess, the website is the product, you do n’t care about it yourself, others do n’t. To build a good product, you must apply the company’s efficient management model to the content site. Although you are managing foreigners, don’t be afraid, everyone has the same heart!
  3. Keyword research. Simple keyword research may not be as simple as you think. It involves not only superficial and inaccurate data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, etc. (yes, these numbers are not accurate), it is more a test of your segment Market understanding, competitive analysis, and intuition. Really, sometimes my intuition tells me that I can’t spend a lot of time and energy writing certain topics right now.
  4. Data detection and optimization. In industry terms, it is Conversion Rate Optimization. Many times, I feel that most domestic and overseas marketing partners are still at the level of how to divert traffic. I do n’t know that others have already taken a step forward and started to optimize traffic and increase conversions. Rate, this is the gap. Instead of spending a lot of money to get new traffic, it is better to calm down and analyze the data. Perhaps a few simple changes can increase the website’s revenue by 20%. Why not?

As for how to create content, how to obtain external links, and optimization on the technical side are secondary.

Agency SEO is when you start a digital marketing service company that optimizes your website for your customers and collects service fees. Let me first say that personally I think this market is not yet mature. If you are a company, do not easily outsource SEO. If you are an agency, do not rush to sign a contract to collect money easily. After all, what the company is looking for is a reliable Agency. Every penny spent should receive a corresponding return. If the Agency does not work with the money, or the contract content is not fulfilled, it is a failed project. Not much. Say, ask for a refund according to the contract and apologize; At the same time, don’t think that the market is all leek for easy harvesting, what you need is quality customers who trust you and your team!

  1. Communication. The organizational structure of the Agency must be around the Account Manager (that is, the client project manager). This person must be an excellent communicator and also understand SEO, because he / she is the hub that connects external customers and internal SEO execution teams. Since It is a hub, and its importance is self-evident.
  2. Process. In foreign industry terminology, it is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Any one of your SEO projects should have many detailed SOP documents. At what stage do the project stakeholders do things, they should be transparent and keep this to the client. Transparency, because it helps increase customer trust in you.
  3. Report. Since it is a project, we must have KPl and corresponding milestones, Reporting, it is recommended to maintain a small phone call with customers 1-2 times a month, and meet the offline communication once a quarter.


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