how to do bing CPC? Answer common questions.

how to do bing CPC? Answer common questions.-

Q1: What is incremental bidding?

Incremental bid can improve your chances of acquiring these users when the specific users you set search for your products or services. When you search for your product or service for users in a specific region, age, gender, day of the week, or time of day, incremental bids can help you increase your bids and get higher rankings and clicks opportunity.

For example: one of your keywords is bidding for $ 1 and your ad is in the United States, and you increase bids for women in the U.S. aged 25-35 years old, and the increase is 40% The bid is 1.4 * 1.4 = 1.96 USD.

Similarly, you can set a bid reduction ratio of 40% according to your specific needs. That is, if your keyword bid is US $ 1 and your ad placement is in the United States, and your bid reduction ratio for the United States is 20%, then your current The bid is $ 0.8.

Q2: Are long-tail keywords suitable for delivery?

Although using long-tail keywords is more precise, traffic for long-tail keywords is usually low, and you need to weigh it yourself. Bing recommends that you place your long-tail keywords alongside your core words.

Q3: Do I need to periodically delete poorly performing keywords?

For low-performing keywords, we recommend that you try the following optimizations: When the click-through rate is low, if it is caused by a lower ranking or a poor ad creative, it is recommended to increase the ranking and improve the creative of the ad; Try adding negative keywords.

If you still do n’t perform well after optimization, we recommend pausing the keyword. Try not to delete keywords, because deleting keywords will cause the historical data of keywords to be lost.

Q4: Can I add independent links to each keyword?

You can use the dynamic attribute param1 or the destination URL to add a separate link for each keyword. Just insert a dynamic attribute when creating the destination link for your Bing ad.

Q5: What are the reasons for keywords being disapproved?

Click the “>” symbol after disapproved, and you can see why your keywords were disapproved.

Q6: What is a negative keyword?

If a negative keyword is set, the ad will not show when the user’s search request includes the negative keyword that is set. For example, when you place a car, the matching method is phrase matching. You can add used and repair to the negative keywords. When a user searches for used car, your ad will not appear.

Q7: What are the tips for creating keywords?

Use common spelling differences or word variations. For example: travel agent, travel agency; web site, website. Taking dog houses as an example, (dog house, doghouse, dog houses) needs to be used as a keyword.

Use keyword expansion tools such as keyword research tools or Ad intelligence to build better keyword lists.

Try to ensure that the keywords in each ad group are highly relevant. This can make it easier to write ad text and improve ROI.

Avoid duplicate keywords. Don’t run the same keyword in multiple ad groups. Do n’t use normalized words (for example: a, the) and punctuation (for example:?,!) In keyword expansions to avoid duplicate keywords in your ad groups.

Q8: Is there an official tool to help us expand keywords?

It is recommended that you use keyword research tools in your account (or use the extension Ad Intelligence in EXCEL), enter the basic keywords or the URL of the basic website to get more keywords and view KPI data. For detailed operations, refer to the operation manual of the relevant tool.

Q9: How many keywords can be added to an account and an ad group?

Currently, up to 5,000,000 keywords can be added to each account of Bing Ads, and up to 20,000 keywords can be added to an ad group.

Q10: Is there any expected data reference when adjusting prices for keywords?

After your keywords are put in for a period of time, with a certain amount of data accumulated, a bid estimation icon will appear on the right side of the bid. After you click to enter, there will be an impression, click, and cost expectation for different bids .

Q11: Can exact matching keywords distinguish between singular and plural?

You can do this in the settings tab at the campaign level.

Q12: Will keyword variations be considered duplicates within the same ad group?

will not. You can use multiple variations of the same keyword within the same ad group.

Q13: What is the limit on the number of negative keywords?

1.A maximum of 20 negative keyword lists per account and a maximum of 5000 negative keywords per list;

2.A maximum of 10,000 negative keywords per campaign;

3. Each ad group (adgroup) has a maximum of 10,000 negative keywords.


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