How to avoid being punished by search engines.

How to avoid being punished by search engines.-

When the website is doing SEO optimization, if the optimization is not appropriate, it is easy to be punished by search engines. What should be noticed in website SEO optimization?

Batch release of external links

Batch publishing of external links is a common sending and receiving method used in SEO optimization. It can bring website traffic instantly, but it is also the method that is most easily hit by search engines. Website external chain construction is a project that needs to be stable and lasting. Do not adopt the method of batch external chain release.

The website title is not set properly or the title is frequently modified.

In order for users to find your website, the website title (title) plays a pivotal role in SEO. If a website title is not set properly, it will make the website SEO ranking poor. Frequently changing the title will also make it easy for websites to enter the Baidu sandbox.

Website keyword selection error

If you make a website of “So-and-so optimization company”, because the word is too competitive, and you want to be ranked up for a while, and you can do the word “so-and-so optimization considerations”, the ranking can be higher, but the traffic seems not too Large, the effect is naturally not ideal. Recalling the analysis, I chose the keywords improperly when selecting keywords for the website, and I chose a useless keyword, and few customers searched for the keyword.

Large collection of original website content

The construction of the original content of the website is the same as the construction of the external link. It follows the stability and durability. At least the pseudo-original secondary modification of the collected articles is required. Although the effect is not as good as the original, it is also much stronger than the reproducible articles.

Websites rush traffic

The traffic is coming up, but after a while searching for the index found, the consequences can be imagined.

Buying black chains

Black chain does have a significant effect on website ranking and weight. Personally, it is best not to use black chain. For friends who want to improve the website by black chain, personally recommend that the number of black chain is best controlled at about 10 It’s best to replace it in a month. It takes a long time for a search engine to find a website that is liable to punishment.

The internal link of the website is unreasonable

The internal link of a website is also important for SEO. A good internal link network of a website is not only good for search engine spider crawling, increased inclusion, but also increases the exposure of the website. You cannot point all the pages to the homepage. Not conducive to spider crawling, the growth of the index is slow, and it will also kill the home page.

Keyword stuffing

Common is the stacking of title, kewords, descrpition, and excessively high-density keyword stacking in the article, which may play a good ranking effect in the short term, but the time has passed and the search engine penalties will follow. The website is K is definitely.

Friendship links are neglected for a long time

Friendship link exchange is best for similar websites. After exchanging friendship links, you must regularly check the friendship links of your own website. Pay attention to the abnormal collection of snapshots and the slow growth of external links. Once you find that the other party ’s website is searched The engine must punish the friendship link and inform the other party so as not to implicate their website.

Improper website space selection

If the website is unstable and the search engine spiders have been inaccessible for many times, it is inevitable that the website search engine is left out.

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