Bing SEO Guidelines.

Bing SEO Guidelines.-

Bing divided the SEO search engine optimization section into several large items in the SEO Guidelines, but some items are actually cross-projects, so we will not categorize them and describe them in a row-by-line manner:

1. The <title> title of the page should be clear and relevant.

2. The <meta description> description of the page should be clear and relevant.

3. the picture’s <alt> should have a description of the picture file in order to know more clearly what the picture file is

4. Use <h1> appropriately to understand the content of the page clearly.

5. Internal links should link to relevant pages, and readers should be assisted to easily browse the relevant pages.

6. Be careful about the links that go out, because connecting to other websites indicates your trust in the website, and the number of external links should be reasonable.

7. there should be a share button on your page for easy sharing, so that readers can share content.

8. Have an XML Sitemap, and keep it up-to-date and correct.

9. there must be a suitable browsing structure, so that search engines can successfully crawl.

10. Don’t hide links in Javascript.

11. The reader’s environment should be considered so that both old and new computers can browse the web content smoothly.

12. the URL results should be simplified, not a lot of unnecessary parameters.

13. You should use the correct robots.txt, declare the path of the sitemap, and make sure that Bingbot (Bing’s crawler) can successfully crawl your web content.

14. Use Bing’s administrator tools to set crawling parameters and URL parameters that can be ignored.

15. Whether links are internal or external, consider relevance.

16. Keep the URL structure simple and clear, and have keywords if possible.

This is slightly different from Google. According to Bing’s original text ~ keep it clean and keyword rich when possible, I hope to use a keyword rich URL if possible, that is, to include keywords in the URL.

That is, you can use, but there is no need to use Because the domain is a characterization of the business, not a project that operates SEO.

17. Have HTML and XML Sitemaps to facilitate readers and search engines to browse or crawl data.

18. the content structure should be clear, and make valuable content closer to the homepage. ,

19. The site-wide navigation should allow the reader to find the content clearly. Use breadcrumb navigation or the link bar.

20. Don’t put content or links in Javascript / Flash / Silverlight.

21. the title <title> must be unique and relevant, control about 65 characters.

22. <meta description> must also be unique and relevant, and do not have wrong grammar. Control it to 160 or fewer characters.

23. Use <h1> <h2> <h3> and other tags appropriately, and there is only one <h1> tag on a page.

24. Use the <alt> text description to let search engines understand the content of the pattern.

25. Use the keywords or keyword groups you want in the web page content several times, and also use the relevant words that change.

26. Use appropriate anchor text to link to other web pages.

27. The content should have keywords that users will search for.

28. Don’t put content in Flash / Javascript, this will hinder search engine crawling

29. Don’t use multimedia or graphic files as your web content.

30. The webpage should have enough content to meet the expectations of readers. There is no special limit on the number of words in the content, but it is always safer to provide more relevant content.

31. New content is often generated, and crawlers of search engines crawl more frequently because of new content.

32. The content of web pages must be unique, and do not copy content from other sources.

33. Use 301 forwarding to transfer obsolete pages to other new content.

34. Use <rel canonical> to let search engines know which page should be indexed.

35. To manage 404 error pages, these pages let search engines know which ones should be removed.

36. Consider relevancy, arrange internal and external links appropriately, but do not buy links

37. Manage anchor text and use keywords as anchor text.

The above statement is more special (21) (22) (25) (30) (37). The statement mentioned is more like what the third-rate SEO website on the Internet will write, telling you that the title and description text are the most Fortunately, within a few characters, I also tell you that the content should include keywords and combinations of changes. A larger number of words is more secure, and it is said that keywords should be used as anchor text.

The title and description should be within a few characters. This makes people wonder if this guideline was written by Bing? Why is it 65? Why is it 160? Chinese characters count as a few characters? Languages ​​other than English, let alone a company of the size of Bing, should not have such a word-based argument, if there must be a word-count argument, it should be supported by facts.

It ’s safer to have more words. This is a faint guideline. How much is more? 200 words are more or less? 500 words are more or less? If Google sees this Bing SEO Guidelines, it should take Come as a complete collection of jokes.

The content should include keywords and combinations of changes, which is basically nonsense. If you write a content that readers will like to read, you will naturally have keywords and combinations of changes. This is no longer necessary to write in the SEO Guidelines. If you The article talks about meteorology without any related words such as meteorology and weather, so it is pretty powerful.

Using keywords as anchor text is a crap that only a third-rate SEO military officer would say. If keywords are not used as anchor text, what else should be considered? And if a webpage has 30,000 links, all of them are ” “SEO” as anchor text, do you think it will be regarded as a positive or negative factor by search engines?

Therefore, I suggest that you take a look at (21) (22) (25) (30) (37) and don’t worry too much.

Avoid These practices should be avoided to avoid penalties.

1. Don’t use CLOAKING (hide), let search engines and readers see different content.

2. LINK SCHEMES-LINK FARMS, THREE WAY LINKING, ETC. Do not use improper linking methods to increase links. These methods cannot get a positive score.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA SCHEMES Do not use social networks in abnormal ways, such as Twitter uses automatic follow, so that the number of people you follow will be approximately equal to the number of people following you, this type of social means does not mean that you have a strong Social influence.

4. META REFRESH REDIRECTS Do not use meta refresh forwarding. If you really need a forwarding, it is recommended to use 301 permanent forwarding.

5. DUPLICATE CONTENT Do not make the same content in many different URLs, this will make Bing lose trust in your webpage. If you have different URLs leading to the same content, you can use rel = canonical to solve this problem. If it is caused by duplicate parameters, it is recommended that you use Bing administrator tools to fix the parameter problems.

Except for the bold font above, all the statements are exactly the same as Google, but they are not the same. If you look closely, it is not the place that Bing’s algorithm pays much attention to. Although there are some offline performances in this Bing SEO Guidelines, it is a good reference as a whole. If you can refer to it, it should allow you to easily operate Bing or Google ’s search engine optimization.

This search engine optimization published by Bing, I actually hope to have its own search ranking characteristics, but after reading it a bit disappointed, because I think it is just copying another Google’s statement.

So the final conclusion is that if you want to take the time to read the Bing and Google SEO guide, you might as well read this article, because our content not only explains the current ranking of Bing and Google, but also lets you know that future search engines will How to conduct search ranking algorithm trends.

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