Bing search is the most popular SEO choice for foreign trade companies.

Bing search is the most popular SEO choice for foreign trade companies.-
Bing Search Is The Most Popular SEO Choice For Foreign Trade Companies

Although Google is known as the search engine giant, some people use other search engines exclusively, including Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. However, Bing is Google’s most popular choice.

If your Google SEO strategy does not include a Bing optimization plan, then you will miss leads, sales, and traffic. The reasons are as follows:

This is a search engine, not as strict as Google

MSN’s search engine optimization is easier than optimizing Google. It has a different algorithm from Google and is not as strict as keyword stuffing. According to Active Web Group, metadata is important to Bing’s algorithm, and ensuring that each page has a unique title and metadata description is critical.

This does not mean that you should use keyword filling. If you use dishonest tactics to optimize rankings, you will still be punished by Google. The idea is to balance your rankings between the two search engines. Bing seems to value these little things more, so it’s important not to skip them.

This is a search engine that can help you optimize

The search engine powered by MSN provides a tool called SEO Analyzer that will analyze your website and provide suggestions for improvement to improve rankings. This is free advice worth checking out!

Bing users are desktop users

According to statistics released by Smart Insights, 77% of Bing users who click on ads are desktop users. In comparison, only 37% of Google users click on ads on desktop computers. These data indicate that many Bing users are desktop users. This is good news for you.

Targeting desktop users should be an important part of your marketing strategy. The difference between desktop and mobile users is that they usually have a greater focus. Mobile users often use their devices for multitasking while browsing the web and clicking on ads. Mobile users are unlikely to pay enough attention to this ad.

On the other hand, desktop users deliberately sit down and use a laptop or desktop computer. They were not in the bathroom, nor did they walk across the street to buy bagels. They are engaged in an activity that places them in front of a computer screen. When desktop users click on your ad, they will see the landing page in a short period of time, which increases your chances of conversion.

It’s not as competitive as Google

Bing is less competitive than Google, making it a great choice for marketers. It has a 21.3% market share in the United States and has an exclusive audience in major verticals such as education, commerce, tourism and retail.

Marketing expert Neil Patel reports that it has even higher bounce rates and higher page views. This may be related to the fact that 77% of Bing ad clicks come from desktop computers. Participating viewers will see more pages on the site, and when people use a desktop computer, their attention is not as distracting as a smartphone.

This is a search engine that rewards the number of links

Google doesn’t reward sites with a lot of backlinks, but Bing does. There is no exact evidence for the exact role of links in their algorithms, but it is certain that the number of links exceeds the quality. At least until now.

It does distinguish between abusive links and valid links. For example, they recommend avoiding mutual links, link schemes, and hacked sites. However, they value links from old domain names and don’t seem to care about social signals.

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