Bing Search and Yahoo Search experience brief downtime.

Bing Search and Yahoo Search experience brief downtime.-

Microsoft Bing Search and Yahoo Search were paralyzed at the same time, giving users infinite imagination when these two rivals had such a tacit understanding, and the cause of the paralysis may only be an oolong. Last Friday, Microsoft Bing Search and Yahoo Search suffered a service outage. According to a person familiar with the matter, Reuters quoted that the shutdown of the search service was not because the system was attacked by external hackers, but because Microsoft was upgrading the search engine system. There was an “Oolong error” while coding.

The source stressed that Microsoft and Yahoo’s search engines were not hacked on Friday. The source was not named because of internal Yahoo issues.

On Friday afternoon, many netizens found problems when using Microsoft Bing Search and Yahoo Search. Among them, if you visit the Yahoo search homepage, an error message appears on the webpage to inform the system that Yahoo engineers are stepping up to deal with the problem .

According to reports, late on Friday, Yahoo Search and Bing Search Services returned to normal.

A source said that Microsoft engineers upgraded the Bing search system code that day, but it was surprising that the engineers upgraded the wrong code. After the problem occurred, Microsoft launched an emergency search system code recovery program, but The program failed.

The source said that, desperately, Microsoft shut down a large number of search servers in order to restore the search system to its previous normal state.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the failure of the search engine. The spokesman said on Friday: “Some of our (search) customers experienced a brief, isolated service outage this morning and the problem has been resolved.”

In addition to Yahoo search, it is unknown whether the failure of Microsoft Bing search has affected other search engines and websites.

Analysts said that the technical failure of Bing search will make the search engine cooperation between Yahoo and Microsoft already trapped in the “mud pond” worse.

In 2009, in order to combat the monopoly advantage of Google search engine in the United States and the world, Microsoft and Yahoo joined forces in search service providers, and the two parties signed a ten-year cooperation agreement.

Under the agreement, Yahoo will stop the free search engine and use Bing search background services instead. Yahoo will also get a fair share of search ads. At that time, the CEO of Yahoo was a strong woman who was an “layman” on the Internet. But the outside world believed that Yahoo’s move was very short-sighted and used short-term gains to ruin the future of its own search engine services.

Due to the obvious gap in search technology, the search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo did not achieve the expected results. In the past few years, Google’s search share in the United States has remained stable at two-thirds. And Yahoo search and Bing search, there is a “market share from left to right” ending.

Yahoo ’s search share in the United States fell from 20% before the alliance to 10%, while Bing ’s search share increased from 10% to 20%. The total share of both parties remains unchanged, failing to nibble Google search users.

Yahoo ’s revenue currently accounts for half of its revenue. Meyer, Yahoo’s CEO, once a Google executive, sees search engines as a breakthrough point in revenue growth. She hopes to end the bundled cooperation with Microsoft as soon as possible.

Previously, Yahoo and Microsoft went to court. Yahoo demanded that the cooperation with Microsoft Bing search be stopped in some areas, but Microsoft won the lawsuit, and the court demanded that both parties continue to implement the search cooperation for a period of ten years.

In other words, in search cooperation, Yahoo and Microsoft have become a “strong twist”.

According to US technology media reports, in addition to the Bing search main site on the Microsoft site, also experienced a short interruption. In addition, other websites involving Office and free webmail services also experienced a short interruption.

The large-scale service disruption will also make the outside world question Microsoft CEO Nadella. After Nadella took charge of Microsoft, he proposed a mobile-first cloud-first strategy. Microsoft’s more traditional software services will be provided as cloud services to different hardware of other operating systems. Therefore, the stability of Internet online services is more important to Microsoft than in the past.


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