Bing Ads FAQ: How to keep ads in the top three positions?

Why has Bing Ads ad impressions skyrocketed? Why is there no ad impression?

Bing Ads FAQ: How to keep ads in the top three positions?-

Q1: Why has my Bing Ads ad impressions skyrocketed?

The above situations usually have the following possibilities:

· May be related to hot topics erupting in the United States, which will cause sudden increase in traffic

May be related to a sudden increase in traffic from content partners

Changes in traffic caused by new national markets

Q2: Why isn’t my ad showing?

Please check whether the following situations appear in your account in turn:

· Budget issues:

Budget exhausted: Ads are in a budget paused state and ads are not shown.

Low budget setting: Not all search requests can be satisfied and ads will not be shown intermittently.

Day / month consumption has reached or is close to the day / month budget: Ads will decrease or not show.

· Problems with the setting of advertising audience:

The search user’s IP is not within the target location set.

The search time of the search user is not within the set target day or target time.

The search user’s language preference (ie domain name) using Bing is inconsistent with the market and language set in the ad group.

· Problems with advertising ideas:

Ads are not showing when a Bing Ads campaign, ad group, keyword, or ad text is paused.

Ads do not show when the keyword position is too low. Bing Ads recalculates and sorts each user ’s search based on the current advertising situation, and the search results are unique. The ranking within the account is the average ranking. Ads ranked after the 10th place will rarely be displayed, so ensuring that the top 4 positions are crucial for ad display and even ad performance.

Ads are not shown when their relevance is too low. For example, when a customer promotes a CD, an advertisement for “Michael Jackson” will be displayed, and an advertisement may not be displayed for “Obama”.

· system issue:

The ad has just begun to run, the system will have a certain delay time, and it usually starts to show after 10-20 minutes.

During the Bing Ads system upgrade, ads may be displayed abnormally.

The system’s protection against malicious clicks. If a user frequently clicks on the advertisement, the system will judge that the user may have the intention to click maliciously and reduce or stop showing the user.

· Advertising review issues:

When a keyword or ad is under review or the keyword / ad text is disapproved, the ad is not shown.

· Quality scoring issues:

Your keyword ’s Quality Score will affect your ad impressions. When your Quality Score is very low, your ads will not have any impressions.

Q3: How to keep the ads displayed in the top three?

In the next step of editing keywords, select Advanced bidding to see Bid by position. If you want your ad to appear first, select Best position; select Mainline to make your ad appear in the 2nd to 4th Bit; select First

page allows your ad to appear on the first page of a search results page.

Note: The market is dynamic and you need to check at any time if your prices are competitive.

Q4: How is the ad position determined? How to improve the ad position?

The advertising platform calculates the ranking score of an ad based on its bid and expected CTR, and then ranks based on the score.

Rank comprehensive score = bid * expected clickthrough rate (where the expected clickthrough rate is a comprehensive parameter obtained by referring to the historical clickthrough rate and relevance of the ad)

It can be seen that the three most important factors affecting ranking: click-through rate, bid, and relevance.

Q5: Why are ads still displayed on a website after it is excluded?

There are usually two reasons for this:

(1) It may be because the exclusion setting has not yet taken effect, the exclusion URL will not take effect until 2-4 hours.

(2) It may be due to the inclusion of www in the excluded URL. If you don’t want your ads to run on’s entire site, then you should use as your exclusion URL. If is set as an excluded URL, the ads will not be displayed on the page, but will still be displayed on other pages of, such as

Q6: Why isn’t the ad displayed in the place where it is placed?

First, please check whether the relationship between your adgroup language and the place of placement is correct. If the adgroup setting is OK, please contact the staff. Since the adgroup language cannot be changed, if you find that the adgroup language setting is wrong, delete the wrong adgroup and then create a new one.

The following table is the relationship between the delivery location and the corresponding advertising language setting:

Q7: Why is there any traffic outside the market in the geographic report?

Check the advanced setting in the customer’s location settings section. Only by selecting the option “Show ads to people in your targetedlocation”, Bing Ads ads will only show ads in your place of delivery. If the other two options are selected, the ads will be outside the place where they are placed (search or browse the relevant places Advertising place).

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