Analysis of Gong Bing’s search ranking rules.

Analysis of Gong Bing’s search ranking rules.-
Analysis Of Gong Bings Search Ranking Rules.

Why my website ranks well in Google search, and ranks poorly in other search engines, but ranks very high in Bing, which shows that Bing is different from other search engine SEO rules, but Liu Shaoqing never thought of Bing It should be so different from the ranking rules of other search engines. My website actually ranks so high in Bing. The following analysis only represents personal views and does not represent the official rules of bing. You can freely express your views and suggestions. Talk about your views on Bing.

  1. Bing pays more attention to website updates. Since the website was established two years ago, I have kept it updated almost every day. For 30 days a month, it will not be updated at most for a day or two. Now my website has nearly 1,000 articles and has been Stay updated and never stop.
  2. Bing pays more attention to original content. My website is basically original content in the early stage. Let ’s not talk about the quality of the original content. At least it is not spam. Over fake original software.
  3. Bing didn’t pay much attention to the change of the title keywords. Since the establishment of the website, the keywords have been changed intermittently a dozen times, especially in the early days, the changes were very frequent, and the key was changed once a year ago. word.
  4. Bing pays more attention to the old domain name. This domain name was registered by me in 2016. It has been used for some time and has not been used for about two months. In order to establish this website, it was used again a year ago. Tiny. 5. The keywords in the domain name must be insensitive. In order to facilitate website optimization, everyone chooses domain names with keywords. SEO domain names must have SEO, which has almost become an SEO rule. My domain name is Website pronunciation.
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