All search engine SEO must pay attention!

All search engine SEO must pay attention!-

1. Website accessibility

Right approach

Set the search box in the search box webpage and ensure the function is in place

Appropriate internal chain construction of the internal chain not only facilitates user browsing, but also facilitates crawling by search engines

Breadcrumb navigation adopts breadcrumb navigation design, and set prompt buttons such as “previous page, next page” to let users know where they are.

A user-friendly, accessible website

Website structure layout The website needs to arrange the structure layout reasonably, adopt a hierarchical structure, or a tree structure layout

It is not necessary to set a hyperlink directly to each page on the homepage of the website. This will easily cause the homepage to be “overloaded”, making the website too bloated, slowing down the loading speed of the homepage, and not conducive to SEO work.

Don’t create “island” pages, that is, pages that cannot be reached through the navigation bar, or that are not imported and linked everywhere.

Avoid setting too many categories in the drop-down menu and filling too much content, which is detrimental to the user browsing experience of the website.

Markup language mode

Right approach

Tags Try to tag and comment all elements in the webpage. For example, if you have a picture of “Conor McGregor” on your website, it is better to tag it with “Conor McGregor”. This will help search engines better understand and crawl the page, and it will also show the professionalism of the page.

URL standardization uses a standardized URL format. For example, Apple’s official has subpages such as iPhone and iPad, and the best secondary link format is Not only is it highly relevant, it is also easy to understand.

Avoid endless loops of links. Poor link building may cause users to be unable to return to the original page (entry page), thereby affecting the user’s browsing experience.

Appropriate “title party” is beneficial to the click-through rate of the website, but excessiveness is deception, so the content of the title, tags and so on must be written down.

Do not connect multiple canonical URLs to the same webpage, this is not conducive to search engine indexing, crawling and other work.

3.High-quality content

Right approach

Website content must be “valuable” and useful to users: it can be entertaining or inspiring, as long as it is “useful”.

Do not copy or paste content that is “piracy” such as original, and do not publish content that does not match the theme of the website.

4.Social media content

Social platform TOP6: FacebookYouTubeGoogle + TwitterLinkedinInstagram

Complement domestic Sina Weibo and QQ space

5. Link building

Right approach

The content is more high-quality and worth sharing, and the content quoted will bring more “voluntary links” to the website.

Backlinks Diverse backlinks help to increase the ranking of the page, that is, exposure.

Don’t buy external links to improve rankings.

Do not blindly carry out anti-chain construction, the content is irrelevant, and unclear positioning of anti-chain links is not conducive to ranking.

6.Improve user experience

Right approach

Improving page loading speed Once the website loading time exceeds 3S, the bounce rate has a great impact on the user experience.

Information and “folding” ensure that important information is not obscured by “folding” elements in the website. Important information must be prominently displayed.

Beautiful pages ensure that every page in the website maintains a beautiful, concise and reasonable design style.

The correctness of the information does not need to be explained to ensure the accuracy of the information on the page.

Don’t make your site “overloaded”. Even good content should be properly and reasonably laid out.

Do n’t let ads occupy the “first screen” display area that was originally important content.

7.Responsive design (mobile friends)

Right approach

Responsive design ensures effective and friendly display of the site on mobile devices.

Hyperlinks do not go wrong Make sure that there are no errors when clicking hyperlinks, and the link hotspot range is set appropriately.

Try to avoid adding elements to the page that are not conducive to the user experience, such as Flash animation.

8. Social media and sharing recommendations

Right approach

Social media sharing Although the impact of social media on website rankings has decreased this year compared to 2015, it is still an important factor. So remember to give users a share button!

One-click sharing Place the “One-click sharing” key in the appropriate place at the top or bottom of the page.

Do not create false high score probabilities through paid sharing. Once detected by search engines, you will face the fate of being K.

9. Pay attention to search engine algorithm trends

Hummingbird algorithm Hummingbird algorithm is a new algorithm launched by Google to celebrate its 15th anniversary, which is mainly reflected in personalized search, social, and interactive aspects.

Panda Algorithm Panda Algorithm is an anti-spam website algorithm designed to combat low-quality sites. It is also one of Google’s page-level criteria.

Penguin Algorithm The Penguin Algorithm is mainly aimed at those spam pages that have been ranked by cheating (keyword stuffing, unnatural external chain construction, etc.).

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