8 Tips to Get More Local Traffic from Bing.

8 Tips to Get More Local Traffic from Bing.-

Due to their low market share, these “secondary” search engines are often overlooked.

China has a market share of 1.15%. It looks small on the surface, but actually represents millions of search engine queries (marketers largely ignore them).

With that in mind, here are eight tips to help you optimize Bing’s website.

1. Use Bing Places

The goal of Bing Places is to provide the best local search results possible.

One way Bing does this is to reward sites that highlight their location details.

Add your business to Bing places

Even if you have never used Bing before, your business is likely to be listed automatically.

If so, you can claim the business as your business and make the necessary modifications.

If you ca n’t find a listing that works for your business, you can add it by following Bing ’s instructions.


The next step in the process is verification.

Bing Places needs to send you an authorization code for you to verify so that no one can make unauthorized changes to your listing.

You can verify by SMS, phone, email or post.

Publish your business

After verification, Bing will automatically publish your business.

2. Merge pictures

Bing values ​​high-quality images, and they’re great from a user’s perspective.

Photos can be your house or your work.

Keep in mind that images are designed to create a lasting impression and encourage users to click through to your website.

3. Get comments

Online reviews are your digital currency. Today, everyone is looking for reviews before the show.

Customers are always encouraged to conduct an honest review of their experience.

Don’t succumb to purchases or create fake reviews.

The one-and-a-half-star rating with absolutely no flaws looks a bit suspicious.

Occasionally “less favorable” comments will increase your credibility. In addition, it is an important source of feedback for your business, which may uncover previously unknown issues and provide you with opportunities to resolve them.

4. Use social media

The Bing algorithm combines social signals to determine the quality of content, which in turn affects rankings. Make sure you have a social presence.

WeChat and Weibo are good to almost everyone.

The more social shares (signals) you get, the more likely your site is to rank on Bing.

Once again – avoid any purchase followers.

Don’t outsource your social media. For social media to work, it needs a real voice that only business owners or stakeholders can provide.

5. Use old school page optimization tips

The Bing algorithm is widely regarded as less complicated than Baidu, and is considered to rely more on matching keywords for querying.

Using headings (H1) and subheadings (H2) and keywords in the opening paragraph still seems to move the Bing ranking.

The same is true for “gasps” that include specific keyword and focus keyword density in the text.

Things got a little risky.

By optimizing Bing, you may damage your Baidu ranking due to differences in algorithms. This is why Bing is largely ignored.

6. Labels and categories are also important

Tags and categories make your site more discoverable by people with specific search terms.

If your website uses a CMS such as WordPress, you can easily add tags and categories to every page of your website, not just blog posts.

In the code section of your WordPress site, you can add a short description for each page, which is ideal for crowding out major local specific keywords.

slug is what you see in the URL after the main address (for example, paimingdiyi.com/seo). Bing’s search engine algorithm will use it to list search rankings.

7. Use old-school link building technology

Bing’s view of inbound links is similar to Baidu.

According to their webmaster guidelines.

“Links to your site help Bing discover new pages on your site. Traditionally, it’s also considered a sign of popularity. Websites that link to your content essentially tell Bing that they trust your content. So , Bing rewards links that grow naturally, that is, over time, content creators have added links on other trusted, relevant sites to push real users from their site to your site. Designed to exaggerate inbound links The number and nature of abuse strategies such as link purchases, participation in link schemes (link farms, link spam, and excessive link manipulation) may cause your site to be removed from the Bing index. “

That said, it is widely believed that the number of links will still play a role on Bing-perhaps more important than link quality.

It looks like exact matching anchor text links are more important in Bing than Baidu.

Note that – being too heavy on low-value or exact-match anchor text links will almost certainly trigger a red flag on Baidu.

8. Speed ​​up your website

Your page load time will directly affect the user experience.

You can use Bing webmaster tools to check page load time.

If your website isn’t as fast as possible, it will give you options on how to improve it, such as using less JavaScript, compressing images, and shrinking CSS.

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