Do you know search engine optimization?

If you know nothing about search engine optimization, please read the following text.

1.What is SEO?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Ranking Optimization.” It optimizes the code inside the website to fully comply with the search rules of the search engine, so it gets a higher ranking in the search results.

2.What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is called search engine optimization, also called natural ranking of keywords. It is to improve the friendliness of the search engine to the website and improve the ranking of the website by optimizing the inside and outside of the site;

SEM is called search engine marketing. In addition to optimizing the website, it can also use a convenient way to make it faster. Let customers find your website, this convenient way is through payment

3.Do I need to do SEO if I do paid advertising?

A: Yes, search engine optimization can make sales more stable
Paid advertising not only costs a lot, but also has problems such as inaccurate delivery and low conversion rate. If you stop paying for advertising, business turnover will cause some losses.seo natural ranking can have unlimited display times and clicks, this is a completely free online marketing method

4. Can SEO greatly increase my sales?

A: Sorry, SEO cannot increase sales fast.
SEO is a slow-growing internet marketing method that usually takes months to get the desired ranking for the keywords you need. It has long-term stability, lower customer unit price and longer display time. When the keyword ranking is stable, the frequency and cost of optimization can be appropriately reduced.

5.How much does SEO service cost?

A: You can pay quarterly or yearly
The price of search engine optimization is much lower than the price of auction ads, so you don’t have to worry about SEO services requiring a lot of money. We recommend that new customers sign quarterly contracts. If the optimization results are very good, we can sign an annual contract. We will set the contract price based on your industry, website foundation and keyword difficulty. Please be assured that this is definitely not an unreasonable fee. All fees will be paid at one time without any secondary costs. Contact us for a quote

6.How is the quality of our SEO services?

A: The professional team provides professional services, which is very good!
During the contract period, if the keyword optimization index you provided does not meet the standards, we will refund a certain percentage

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Here are some of the services we offer

making plans

Any website with a good ranking has its own set of optimization solutions. Most of our customers have obtained the optimization results they need, and will provide you with the fastest and most reasonable optimization solution.


Website acceleration

If your website is a wordpress program, we can provide website acceleration services. The speed of website access is also a necessary factor for search engine optimization, but we will provide this service for free.


Monthly data report

At the beginning of each natural month, we will provide keyword ranking data, and you can clearly understand the changes in keyword ranking. We can guarantee that your keyword ranking will keep rising.


Cycle assessment

Customers who urgently need to optimize keywords are most concerned about how long they can enter the homepage. Different websites and different industries will require different optimization time. We will do an optimization cycle evaluation for your website.


Efficient team

We have a top search engine optimization team, and everyone is a top expert in the field. The optimization services provided to customers are very good. Please rest assured that we will keep customer information strictly confidential.


More services

We also provide more search engine optimization services, contact us for your website evaluation report. We will contact you within one week.




Top technical team


Comprehensive optimization evaluation


Easy communication atmosphere


Efficient solution


Significant optimization results


Exclusive customized services


Free additional services


Reasonable service fee


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